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The Adirondack Star Gazer

Completely customizable!

Our trademarked "Adirondack Star Gazer" is the only reclining Adirondack Chair.  Each chair is customized down to the type of wood, type of routed edges on the armrests, stains, sealing and more.  Prices start at $350 and go up, depending on wood species, and wood finishing and sealing.  Click below to contact us with the details of your unique Star Gazer!



The Ultimate Porch Swing

Using only the highest standards of construction

We offer several completely unique, modern, but classic designs.  We offer our porch beds in twin and full sizes.  We offer them unfinished, finished, with outdoor mattress, with our without hanging kits.  

Prices start at $999 and go up depending on finishing, hanging kids, mattresses, and pillows


The standard ADK Chair

A 21st Century Minimalist Design

Our ADK Chairs are designed to be comfortable, beautiful and with construction techniques that will ensure they last for decades.


After much experimentation, we have found the most comfortable seating position with a 15 degree back lean for the seat and an additional 9 degree back lean for the backrest.  Add a nice firepit and start making memories! 

Prices start at $250 and go up depending on finish, sealing and wood species.


Custom Frames

We can bring old furniture back to life!

From small to large, we can built truly unique and custom frames for any piece of art or certificate.  Together, we can determine the type of wood, stain colors, mult-tone stains, inlays and much more.  The sky is the limit on our custom frames.


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Live Edge

Expanding on nature's beauty

"Live Edge" tables and items are simply pieces that utilize the full slab of wood so that the outside of the tree is part of piece.  Textures and layers that could never be recreated with the tree are now made into the focal point of the piece.  

Whether it is a solid bench, dining table, end table, or river table, we can create a true functional piece of art for your home or work.


CNC  Parts

We can mill custom parts for your project

With our Stepcraft CNC Router, we can design and manufacture a custom part for your job.  We can also manufacture amazing cutting boards, cheese boards, coat racks and much more.  The only limit is our shared creativity!  

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ADK Prints

Bring the beauty of the Adirondacks to your space!

We have a collection of amazing ADK prints from all over the region.  We can build a custom frame to match the décor of your home or office.  

We are also able to create Laser Etched images on wood!  We can create a truly rustic print with a matching ADK Style frame.  


Small Buildings and Structures

From a 3D CAD Design to completed project with one team!

We start with design language that inspires you.  We then create a 3D CAD design that allows you so view the finished product in a virtual space.  Once we get approvals, we then price out materials and provide you with an estimate on the project.  Depending on the size of the project, we either build the structure in units at our woodshop or build on site at your property. 


Built-In Cabinets

Completely customized to your space, and design style.  

We start in 3D CAD to ensure our design is exactly what you hoped it would be in your space.  From there, we come up with a quote and work with you to ensure that we can get the project built and installed in your home or work.  

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