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the adirondack star gazer

Star Gazer 1.jpg

One of our most unique chairs to date.  The Adirondack Star Gazer takes the traditional Adirondack Chair to a whole new level.  We have turned the already amazing chair into the most relaxing piece of outdoor furniture you can imagine. 

Our simplest method involves a movable support bar on the back of the chair that catches on different bars to change the angle of the backrest.   The next level is to integrate the armrest with the back so that it moves with the reclining backrest.   Our most involved design incorporates an integrated stopping system within the armrest using dowels and a routed catch system under the armrest.  This way, you do not need to even get up to recline the chair! 

We intentionally designed them so that we can build them in a number of different woods and systems to ensure that we can work within your budget.  

We can even do the Star Gazer as a bench seat!  We can extend the seat to 4 feet so that 2 people can sit and view the stars together.  Let's get creative together and make something truly unique for your property!

Star Gazer Bench v4.png

The ultimate chair we offer is the ADK Star Gazer Rocker.  Comfort for days with all the bells and whistles.  Set your lean angle and start rocking!

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