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Our goal is functional beauty 

Not only do we strive for the most beautiful design aesthetic possible, every one of our products is going to add function to your home or business.  Take our custom sliding doggie doors and barn doors.  We can take something very simple and make it a beautiful focal point of your home or place of business. 


We start each project in Fusion 360.  A state-of-the-art design and fabrication software tool.  We are able to send you a custom design in 3D so that you are able to fully visualize our design and ensure that it meets your highest standards before we make a single cut into wood.  



Using only the highest standards of construction

One of the benefits of having the designers also be the fabricators is that we care deeply about ensuring that the original vision becomes a reality.  We also want to ensure that our designs will last for generations, and not be throw away products like current manufacturing techniques.  We are not satisfied unless you are beyond satisfied with out product.  

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Remodeling &  Construction

We do all light forms of construction!

Whether it's adding a new hardwood floor, remodeling a bathroom, remodeling an entire home, designing and building a new shed or screened house, we can help.  

 Our goal is to take on projects that can help you find better use of your home or business and/or beautify your space to make it more inspiring!



We can bring old furniture back to life!

Whether you want to keep the old "Patina," or make a piece look brand new, we are your company.  We are able to restore older wood tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. to their former glory.  


Most new furniture is not made with anywhere near the quality of wood used 50-100+ years ago.  It is much younger, less dense and as a result, less strong.  Let us help you bring life back to your furniture and help it to last another 100 years!

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Live Edge

Expanding on nature's beauty

"Live Edge" tables and items are simply pieces that utilize the full slab of wood so that the outside of the tree is part of piece.  Textures and layers that could never be recreated with the tree are now made into the focal point of the piece.  

Whether it is a solid bench, dining table, end table, or river table, we can create a true functional piece of art for your home or work.


Property Management

We can manage and maintain your Air BNB

With our own set of properties to manage and an extensive background in all phases of construction, we are able to design, remodel, manage and maintain your AirBNB or rental Property!   

Wooden Furnitures
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