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modern adirondack chairs and benches

We can design and build custom ADK Chairs and Benches to fit your needs and budget.  We can build with pressure treated, cedar, all the way up to mahogany or any other of your favorite hard woods. 


We can bring them to you unfinished or we can stain them, poly them or we can do custom Adirondack Paintings on the back create truly unique one off pieces! 

We can take things a step wife and I are painters and can do custom ADK Landscape paintings on the chairs too!

Star Gazer Bench v4.png
Star Gazer Complete v4.png

Chairs can be fully customized from single seats, to benches to reclining benches.  The sky is the limit for creativity.  We can use any type of lumber to work within your budget.  We can leave it unfinished or finish the chair for you in a multitude of finishes and style.

If you like one aspect of one design and want to combine that with something you liked from a different design, we can work with you to make the chair exactly what you want for your home.

Star Gazer Bench and Bar with Stools v8.
Star Gazer Bench and Bar with Stools 8.p
Star Gazer Bench and Bar with Stools v7.

One of our creations is an Adirondack Bar Stool that backs up to an Adirondack Bench.  The arms are on hinges to for easy access and the bar behind the ADK Bench opens when needed!

Outdoor Bar Height Table and Chairs v8.p

Here are examples of the ADK Bar Bench painted as well as wrapped around a custom bar height table with a granite tile top.  

There is no level of customization too unique for us!

Bar Bench painted.png

This project was as rustic as they come.  A pine came down on a client's property and we were able to salvage a piece of the base to create a truly unique Adirondack Bench for the kids with a bar and stools in the back.  

This design can be taken upscale too and done in pressure treated or hardwood with custom bar stools in the back!


All of the partners in ADK Rustica are artists who have extensive experience with many modalities of art, we would love the challenge of creating a custom painted bench or seat for your family.  You can send us an image and we can paint a mural on a chair for you!

painted bench.jpg
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