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raised be gardens

We hope that you are as bored of the rectangular and square shaped raised beds.  Why not get creative and do something unique and fun to walk around and through.  We like to create Raised Bed Mazes with fun geometric designs.  Although we certainly can build traditional raised bed gardens for you, we hope to open your horizon to new and create ways of creating garden spaces.   We can use any wood source you desire based on longevity and budget and create something truly unique and inspiring.  

We also have the ability to bring in compost and soil and plant the garden for you.  Whether it is a flower garden or vegetable, we can finish the project that we started and get you ready to grow. 

Our Isosceles Triangle Beds with integrated trellis  and pergola 

Raised Beds with Trellis v4.png
Angled Trellis Beds.png
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